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The trade war continues to affect Huawei. Will Kirin lose the chipsets?

The US government has announced that it plans to tighten its restrictions on the Chinese technology giant Huawei. The move is also intended to prevent the manufacturer from gaining access to Kirin chipsets, thus further crippling the company's business and future. USA tightens conditions again Company…

The top five Chinese smartphone manufacturers are testing 120 W charging technology. It will soon be a reality

Over the years, various battery charging technologies have been developed along with smartphone hardware and software. Over time, mobile phone charging speeds have shifted from a few hours to literally just a few minutes. The idea of ​​this speed is probably already us…

The smartphone market in China is declining. Xiaomi is the worst, while Huawei is doing better

The current financial situation is not good all over the world due to the ever-expanding coronavirus. As expected, the mobile smartphone market also declined. We will approach the first quarter of 2020 on the market in China, which quite significantly affects the…