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BlitzWolf BW-ESD1 is a table with pneumatic lifting and a keyboard shelf. It has the lowest price in the CZ warehouse

The BlitzWolf brand has included a very interesting addition to the room of every right player in its offer. It acts

Moeshouse Tuya ZigBee smart valves for radiators already on Geekbuyingu, they have a display and control via a smartphone

We present you intelligent valves for the Moeshouse radiator. These valves will also turn your classic radiator into a

Special discount via link: BlitzHome Cold Press Juicer is a great electric juicer for all types of fruit

The Chinese company BlitzHome also belongs to the international seller and brings its powerful electric juicer with…

The best coupon: Ualans TW2 teeth whitening kit is in EU stock, it has 2 colors of light and it only takes a week for whiter teeth

The popular Chinese brand Ualans also offers products for home teeth whitening in its portfolio. Set…

The best prices recently: Douxlife Racing GC-RC01 is a high-quality and stylish gaming chair in three colors

If you are one of those who like to play a game in their free time…

Great Black Friday: BlitzHome BH-IM2 is the perfect automatic ice maker, it prepares it in just 7 minutes and has one of the lowest prices

Another great gadget that is ideal for use in the hot summer months, but it also works great…

Now it costs only €23: Alcohol tester from Baseus it has a low price and will show you the approximate result very quickly thanks to the smart chip

You must have found yourself in a situation where you needed to find out the amount of alcohol in your breath.

Mensela PW-W1 pressure cleaner for a record price of €72,65: 165 bar pressure, 10 m hose and product tank

The popular Chinese brand Mensela this time brings a practical pressure cleaner, resp. Mensela cap PW-W1…

The BlitzHome BH-CMM5 is back at a bargain price. Solid lever coffee machine with grinder, milk frother and 20 bar pressure

BlitzHome BH-CMM5 is coming to the market as a cheaper alternative for lever coffee machines. Those with a grinder and foaming…

It cost €79, now only €32! The electric banking device from Fitdash has 5 levels of vibration, heating and completely replaces the massager

The banking device is especially useful for regeneration and rehabilitation. It is an effective component of massage and now...

Perfect price: The BlitzWolf BW-GC1 gaming chair has a stylish design or a folding leg support in the EU warehouse

BlitzWolf is already among nami a very popular brand and they bring a variety of products for really great…

One of the best prices €83: On the Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 gaming chair you can customize every backrest and it has a pleasant material

Comfortable gaming chair with the name Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 completes the segment of gaming gadgets from the seller's workshop…