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Xmund XD-BR1 is a thick 7 kg exercise rope to strengthen the whole body. Price under 39 €

Xmund is a manufacturer that also sells equipment to the Banggood online store for those who would…

The practical exercise bench from Xmund has up to 6 positions for the backrest, a load capacity of 150 kg and an iron construction

We live in a lockdown period. Ski resorts, gyms and various other commercial places where you can…

The BlitzWolf BW-JR1 skipping rope counts jumps, has a jumping mode without a rope and in CZ costs only 10 €

BlitzWolf offers a number of non-traditional gadgets for indoor use in its portfolio, but also…

The Xmund XD-EB1 stationary bike from the Banggood subsidiary has a stable construction and adjustable resistance

We present you the stationary bicycle Xmund XD-EB1 from the subsidiary brand of our partner, Banggood. Its maximum load capacity…