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[REVIEW] We have exclusively tested the latest global Xiaomi Pad 5 and compared it with the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro version

After a three-year hiatus, Xiaomi is finally re-entering the tablet market. Recently introduced Xiaomi Pad…

[REVIEW] Xiaomi MIX 4 has an invisible front camera and can be charged in 14 minutes

Xiaomi with the MIX model line has traditionally always brought something unusual, which often overtakes the competition.

[REVIEW] HIMO L2 is a powerful and very comfortable electric scooter for the city

The season of electric scooters and bicycles is still in full swing and we meet more and more on the road…

[REVIEW] Roborock H7 is a new high-end model of a vacuum cleaner rod from the popular subsidiary brand Xiaomi

The Roborock brand is known mainly for its robotic vacuum cleaners, which are very popular. IN…

[REVIEW] Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X ranks among the best notebooks in the world thanks to OLED display and Nvidia RTX 3050Ti

We have been using Mi Notebook Pro for more than 4 years, which this time received a successor…

[REVIEW] Eleglide M1 Plus is an affordable electric mountain bike with a beautiful design

Electric bicycles are still an affordable product for many. Their price is often a four-digit amount,…

[REVIEW] JIMMY PowerWash HW8 Pro also absorbs wet dirt perfectly

We have already tested several rod vacuum cleaners from the Dreame and JIMMY brands, but this time we don't have them here…

[REVIEW] We tested the Realme TechLife Robot Vacuum - the first Realme robotic vacuum cleaner

Many of you are sure to know the Realme brand as a smartphone manufacturer. If you follow our site regularly,…

[REVIEW] The Dreame Bot Z10 Pro is an improved flag model with automatic emptying

We bring you another exclusive review of the new robotic vacuum cleaner, which is just coming on sale.

[TEST] Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Which flagship photos better?

Some time ago we were the first in Slovakia and the Czech Republic to bring you a review of…

[REVIEW] The OnePlus 9 Pro is an almost perfect flagship. Has cooperation with Hasselblad paid off?

We can no longer consider OnePlus to be a brand of cheap Chinese smartphones. Gradually, they developed into a premium…

Comparison of flagship cameras: Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

We have already brought you reviews of this year's flagships from Xiaomi. In many parameters are…