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The best offers for various gadgets in the home, car or garden

Post-season sale in the EU warehouse, record prices from €142! Funwater paddleboards: 12 colors to choose from, length up to 3.5 meters

The Funwater brand focuses on water sports and has several types of paddleboards in its portfolio. All of them…

Baseus GaN5 Pro is a powerful 100 W charging adapter that charges both a phone and a laptop at the same time, coupon in EU stock

Chinese manufacturer Baseus specializes in the production of affordable accessories. The proof of this is the model...

Rozin is a shower system in the EU warehouse with an inflated battery with a display and a beautiful modern design

You can also find stylish accessories for your smart home at international sellers on Aliexpress, such as...

A great 30 mAh power bank from the brand Baseus with support for fast 20 W charging and four ports

Electronics manufacturer Baseus has in its portfolio products with an excellent price-quality ratio. This…

TOP 6 cheap gadgets from China # 117

Next weekend we have another piece of TOP 6 cheap gadgets from China that you are…

This table lamp is a small miracle: It uses infrared light to relieve pain, inflammation or remove wrinkles

The infrared lamp is a great accessory for regeneration, relief from pain or inflammation, and it also has…

Baseus In-Car Inverter 150 W allows you to get up to 240 V from the car and use classic electrical appliances

This gadget will please every true motorist who does not have a standard electrical outlet on board.

Last pieces in EU warehouse with coupon: Moeshouse are Tuya ZigBee smart valves for radiators with display and smartphone control

We present you intelligent valves for the Moeshouse radiator. These valves will also turn your classic radiator into a

Great price only €26: Tronsmart Apollo Air+ are quality wireless headphones with a newer Qualcomm chip and a coupon

Tronsmart offers not only Bluetooth speakers in its portfolio, but also wireless headphones. Tronsmart Apollo…

BOXYM oFit-2 pulse oximeter is an excellent gadget for measuring blood oxygen saturation. It costs 20 € with a coupon

Introducing the compact BOXYM oFit-2 pulse oximeter, with which you can quickly and easily monitor…

The BlitzWolf BW-SHP13 smart socket is from the Tuya ZigBee ecosystem, it monitors consumption and can be controlled by a smartphone

Almost every smart electronics manufacturer has created a certain ecosystem from its portfolio. It consists of…

We recommend: These ridiculously cheap adapters from Chinese plugs to European sockets are of high quality

You probably know that. You ordered some cool stuff from China, but after unpacking you