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The T-Bao T-Book X10 has an AMD processor with Zen cores, up to 16 GB RAM, a fast 512 GB SSD and a 15,6 ″ FHD display

Finding a good laptop at a decent price is nothing special today. Well if you want attractive…

Chuwi CoreBook X Pro is probably the best up to € 500. It has a 144 Hz display, Core i5-8259U, 8 GB RAM and a metal body

Laptops from Chinese e-shops are rapidly gaining in reputation and quality, thanks to which they are directly proportional…

It hasn't cost that much yet: The EliteMini TL50 minisforum will run GTA V at 60 fps. It has an Iris XE chip, a Core i5 11th gene and a Thunderbolt 4

Mini-computers are becoming popular options for buying personal equipment, whether for work or business.

Mini computer Chuwi RZBOX with a new coupon: It has a Ryzen 9 4900H, 16 GB RAM and NVMe SSD

Chuwi RZBOX is one of the company's latest desktop computers, which delivers small size but still…

CHUWI GemiBook Pro
Chuwi GemiBook Pro is a 14-inch thin notebook with WiFi 6, 2K display, 8 + 256 memories and a price of 300 €

If you are looking for a laptop on Slovak e-shops that offers capable features, you may find that the price may not…

Chuwi CoreBox i5 is a desktop computer with 2x HDMI 2.0, Core i5-5257U, 8 GB RAM, SSD disk and coupon in EU stock

If you are looking for a compact desktop with decent equipment and don't want to pay much for it, Chuwi wi

Alldocube i7Book is a slim 14,1 ″ notebook with Intel Core i7-6660U, up to 512 GB SSD or fully usable USB-C

The Alldocube brand was founded in 2004. Its product portfolio mainly includes tablets,…

Chuwi GemiBook is a beautiful 13 ″ laptop with 8 GB RAM for under € 300. It has a USB-C or 2K display

Chuwi GemiBook notebook offers up to 12 GB RAM, USB-C, quality 2K display, decent battery life,

Chuwi CoreBook X has i5-8259U processor, 8/512 GB memory, 14 ″ display, aluminum body and new coupon

The Chinese company Chuwi produces laptops that are suitable for basic office tasks, but will serve them well…

Teclast F7 Plus III is the latest in a series with a 4-core Intel processor, 8 GB RAM, SSD and 14,1 ″ display

The Chinese brand Teclast is well known for its affordable electronics. This time the third generation is coming…

The KUU G3 is perhaps the best laptop at € 600. It has a Ryzen 5 4600H, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and USB-C image transfer

There is no shortage of quality laptops with good hardware on the market. The problem is that…

Notebook T.bolt F15 Pro has 12 GB RAM, Core i3 10th generation, SSD disk, Type C or a good price under 400 €

If you are looking for a laptop suitable for office work and you want to save as much as possible, we give you…