TicWatch Pro 5 is the most sophisticated smartwatch with WearOS

TicWatch Pro 5 in the EU warehouse again under €250! Wear OS watch with the best durability, top Snapdragon and rotary wheel

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It depends on whether I will officially support the insulin pump application. It does not work on all watches with WearOS. But that is rather a problem of the application manufacturer and its support.


When they have contactless charging, I will definitely buy them as a successor to my older Samsungs


I personally bought this watch as soon as it came out and I have to say that I am extremely satisfied. The battery lasts for four to five days. It depends on how you use it and what you have on. They have a nice look. I changed the strap to stainless steel in black and the watch looks sporty. and at the same time luxurious that they don't have wireless charging? And I don't miss it at all, I had a watch with wireless charging and I always used the original dock for it, so it's not an obstacle for me at all, I'm just waiting for wear os 4, so for me, maximum satisfaction 👍👍👍


And I bought them direct from Mobvoi UK for £224 delivery within 3 working days such a discount cannot be refused 👍👍👍


On sale last week for 290 🙂 great watch.


I have a previous version of ticwatch pro for which they promised a newer version of wear os and they did not deliver, I will never buy a ticwatch again


They already have them 🙂 I have a ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps, yes they took a while but I upgraded and they work one poem 🙂 wear os 3.5