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Record prices in CZ stock: Minleaf ML-ED1 is a quality 21 V wrench with 2 batteries and a charger

The electric wrench must not be missing from any DIY. Minleaf ML-ED1 is a quality 21 V electric elektrický

The Topshak TS-PW1 impact wrench has 380 Nm, a battery with a charger and an even better coupon in CZ stock

An impact wrench is a device that fits perhaps any home or handyman. Model…

The DrillPro impact wrench with a torque of 520 Nm has a great discount. Batteries also available in the CZ warehouse

Every home or working do-it-yourselfer needs an impact wrench, which has become a part of modern times and…

Bargain coupon: Larnmern durable shoes have a hardened toe and sole resistant to nails, fast delivery from EU warehouse

Larnmern specializes in the production of durable shoes. This model attracts with its steel tip and durable…

DrillPro is a brand of cheap DIY tools. They have wrenches, drills or grinders in EU warehouses

The Drillpro brand was established in 2015 and during its existence it has built a strong fan…

Sale discounts: LaserPecker Pro is the smallest laser engraving machine on the market with automatic height adjustment

Despite its small size, the LaserPecker Pro can do great things. It has an advanced automatic… function

This 18 V cordless saw is compatible with the Makita battery, has 4 saw blades and a low price in CZ stock

Cordless saw is designed for all quick cuts, it will make your work in your home workshop or… easier.

The gun with a hose from Baseus has quality workmanship, expansion material and a slightly better price with a coupon

It is finally sunny outside and this weather needs to be used. Many of us would have good weather…

The HOTO laser meter has a display, an application with visualization of measurements and over 2600 reviews. It is a subsidiary of Xiaomi

The HOTO laser meter is a great helper not only for do-it-yourselfers. It has compact dimensions, can measure…

The 125 mm cordless grinder Topshak TS-AG2 has 2 batteries, discs and a charger in the case. All for a price under € 60

If you are looking for a useful household helper and you only lack a cordless grinder in this portfolio, then…

The legendary gimbal DJI Osmo Mobile 2 comes to life on Banggood. Now with the lowest price under € 55

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 offers, in addition to top features and technologies, also 15-hour endurance per…

The Baseus Bluetooth Gamepad has a transparent design, a 6-axis sensor and a symmetrical layout

Currently, everyone is looking for a way to have fun. Because of this, many people are starting to "enjoy" video games. "