Toprecis T8 with a luminosity of 4 lm received the lowest price in CZ stock
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The Toprecis T8 projector with a brightness of 4 lm received the historically lowest price in the CZ warehouse

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Very poor for viewing during the day. The worst thing is that the image cannot be focused in such a way that it is readable in the standard text size on a PC. If it succeeds in some part of the projection image, then in another part the image is completely out of focus. I don't know if this uneven sharpness of the image is caused only by some error of the specific model, but in such a state it is totally unusable for working with a PC. When watching a film, this deficiency can be overlooked, but it is always there and only a certain part of the image will always be sharper than others. Among other things, there are permanently 2 black spots on my piece in the projection image that cannot be removed. Skusim claim, but I doubt it…