OnePlus 8 Pro has a blocked Color Filter sensor that saw through objects

OnePlus 8 Pro has temporarily blocked a special Color Filter sensor that sees underwear and plastics

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  1. TT writes:

    Mainly it is far from X-ray which is behind UV on the opposite side of the spectrum as IR about which is mainly the camera.
    In addition, IR cameras are nothing new and without / an SLR camera with such a thing that makes it XY times more capable with the possibility of telephoto lenses, etc. and there was no problem.
    Just like with photos and 100x zoom on mobile phones on every corner, it depends on the people.
    With IR, you can capture the most faint shadow, only if you carry garbage bags on your bare body.

  2. TT writes:

    Remember that every mobile phone can be converted to IR sensitivity with youtube instructions. Also 108mp from xiaomi.

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