How to make notifications work properly and set up Amazfit Zepp

How to make Amazfit Zepp notifications and settings work properly

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Hello. I have a Samsung A 50 in the RUN IN BACKROUND section, I do not have the option of Backround operation permission setting at all.
Can you advise me what to do with it?
Well thank you.


Okay, I just bought a Miwatch watch, I downloaded the Zepp application and I can't log in at all, as my country doesn't even mention only the Czech one, I only open the watch on the bar code, it doesn't work anymore, I also downloaded MI FIT, and I can't add the watch I have Continue doing? Thank you


Hello, which model exactly do you have? If you have Xiaomi Mi Watch, you need this app and not Zepp:


Good day,
can I set the Slovak or Czech language in Amazfit Zepp?
Well thank you.


Good day. The language of the application will be set according to the language of the smartphone system. Is a possible to set in the application language on the watch.


Hi, I only have a problem with Gmail, I don't get any watch notifications from this one app and I don't understand why, I did everything according to your instructions and still nothing. The app has all permissions and Gmail is also in the selected apps for notifications and I don't even have silent mode turned on. Can you help me?


Good day,
regarding locking the application before throwing it out of the cards .. I have a new phone and I can't find the option to lock it, could you help me please?

Gabriela Čanigová

Good day, prosim for advice. I bought an Amazofit gts 2mini watch, and even if I don't show the application in the foreground, it still starts up and drains the phone's battery. We don't know what to do with it. Thank you, Čanigova


I have gtr 3. I have double Whatsapp notifications. Do you know the problem? Also I have a problem with Gmail. In the second external account in Gmail, the problem is with multiple notifications about the same email message. I can get more than 10 notifications. Notification appears every few minutes. And the last thing. Is it possible to synchronize zepp calendar with Google calendar?


Hello, I want to ask .. I have xiaomi 11 lite and amazfit gt2 watch, I went exactly according to your settings I set everything but it still throws me an error: an error occurred, restart bluetooth. I still write this error 20 times a day, so I don't even get notifications. Is the error in the phone or application? Mma reclaim the phone ?? Well thank you


Hello, I would like to ask if the Trex pro watch has the function that when I move away from the mobile phone with which it is paired, the watch notifies me with a tone or a dial.
well thank you


Hello. Posiadam zegarek Amazfit Gts 2. I installed on smartphones Zeep ver I read that you can receive a telephone connection through a watch. I will not fail. There is a green handset on the watch, which is ringing but cannot be removed. You all write that .. In the first way you have access to the Zepp application at your terminal, you need the software you need to download in order to connect Amazfit. Go to your profile and access your smartwatch. In the "Application settings" section, you will find a section and an active "Door by the Clock" option. And I don't have or don't know where it is >> application settings> connections> phone sound. Please advise.

Jaromi Zsuzsa

We bought amazfit GTR 2e húrato, de nem jönnek az obnozijek. Végigcsináltunk minden utszás funkyt de nem bezálleknek sem sem objektíkék. Thank you for answering.

New user

I recently bought the Amazfit 2 mini model, and my problem is that notifications from the given application are repeatedly displayed (eg 2-3 times sms that I received, or notifications from other social applications). How can I solve it? Jest to dosyć uciążliwe i denerwujące.


I have another problem.
Since kilku dni posiadam zegarek model: Amazfit GTS 2 mini i na zegarku rekizają się notices. Przemyślowo: I receive an sms that appears on the watch 2-3 times. Even with all notifications. In addition, some potrafią przyjść koljejny raz nawet after a longer time. Irytujące jest to że notifications się rekizają i zegarek cło czas vibruje wprowadzając mnie w błydą. Myśłąc że przyszło coś nowego turns out to be the same notification as przed chwilą. Does anyone have the same problem and know how to solve it? I will add that the notifications majő przychodzí w czasie rzeczywistym. My friend has the same model and has no such problem. Help.


I have an amazfit X watch and in the Zepp application I can't turn off continuous heart rate measurement even in the watch. You can for mesim give advice? Well thank you.


Hello, is it possible to pair two watches to one phone within zepp?
so it was done, but as soon as the watch is changed on the hand during the day, the statistics are reset and the watch settings are also reset.
thanks in advance