Vivo X70 Pro + is also in stock in the EU 50 € cheaper! Chinese beast with 50 MPx Zeiss optics in a beautiful orange color China Planet
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Vivo X70 Pro + is also in stock in the EU 50 € cheaper! Chinese beast with 50 MPx Zeiss optics in a beautiful orange color

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  1. Martin writes:

    Hello, firmware for this smartphone Firmware: Multi - GE / EN / FR / ES /… also contains Slovak language?

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, yes, it should include all languages.

  2. Michal writes:

    Hello, please don't know if there will be a coupon for the regular version of the X70 in the near future?

    1. Editorial writes:

      All versions in the TSZ store, including the classic X70. Just click through the store.

  3. Newman81 writes:

    Too bad Tradingshenzhen does not sell the global version with Funtouch OS. Currently it is a CN version with Oxygen OS without CZ / SK language support, so I would rather not buy this version. Perhaps in time there will be a global version there as well.

  4. Borland writes:

    I will be extremely interested in this review. In my opinion, the phone certainly does not contain Slovak. Would you like to pay attention to notifications from Gmail and social networks? Vivo generally has a problem with instant display of notifications. Usually, you don't see an email or new message notification from WhatsApp right away. You must always open the app before new messages will be displayed. This can irritate. Thank you in advance.

  5. Borland writes:

    I have the opportunity to get the global version, because my friend is from India, where the global version is sold through Flipkart. But I hesitate, because it's probably not worth it because of the language. It is more expensive than Chinese, and there will be a problem with the complaint. And we don't even know if the global version contains the CZ / SK language.

  6. Luboš writes:

    And I thought I had something wrong set up because notifications are coming in on the data, but not on wi-fi. I have a Vivo X60 for a plus. The phone is great, the superstructure is also nice, only the Chinese ballast, even though I have set English, it bothers me. I would not go to Vivo in person anymore, if only it was an official EU distribution with SK language.

    1. Frederik writes:

      It's a shame, because they have really good quality phones, only the global market doesn't interest them much. 🙁

  7. Jozi writes:

    Can you please test if g-pay works? I would like to buy this phone halfway to reach before Christmas 🙂 Thank you

    1. Frederik writes:

      Everything works, including banking, Google, and sync. Our editor is already fully testing him.

  8. Viktor writes:

    Hello, do you know where to get the funtouch version? or, is it possible to flash origin os on fun 12 os?
    I would very much like to buy this device but I am worried about the original OS

    1. Frederik writes:

      Hello. This is the only version that can be purchased from any of our certified partners. We do not know the possibility of flashing on the global ROM, at the moment it is probably not possible.

  9. Newman81 writes:

    I'm also thinking of buying it directly from India, I'd go for it with you if you end up buying it through an acquaintance. I'm actually just waiting for someone to confirm if the Indian version supports Czech, then I don't hesitate.

  10. Ilonka writes:

    I would also really like this phone and I am waiting daily for a review from someone who got the global version and supports Czech 🙏

  11. Newman81 writes:

    Ilonka: I have just confirmed from the XDA forum that Czech in the Indian version with Funtouch OS is. So now just get your mobile to the Czech Republic 😃

    1. Frederik writes:


  12. Ilonka writes:

    So that's good news, he'll know the way. And has anyone reviewed how the global version works here in cr? Everything without a problem?

  13. Borland writes:

    When do you plan to publish your review on quinaplanet?

    1. Frederik writes:

      The review is already being completed, it will go out in the coming days. Probably over the weekend, after the biggest crazy from Black Friday.

  14. Jaroskav writes:

    What is the advantage of this phone over xiaomi ultra. Somehow I don't see any and the prices are the same. Design possible

  15. Ilonka writes:

    So I understand well that the EU will send a global version from this warehouse and that it will be able to do Czech, etc.?

    1. Frederik writes:

      This smartphone is no longer available in the EU warehouse.

  16. Ilonka writes:

    I know the EU warehouse is sold out. But I wanted to make sure they happened to stock it up.

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