Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro is recommended by world producers. They also have LDAC
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Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro are the best wireless headphones with Hi-Res Wireless, LDAC and beautiful design

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I bought them 2 months ago, at that time it was only 20, now 40 is a very, very good buy. Delivery for 3 days via Dhl. It took me a while to find the right size components to make the bass stand out. I use Samsung S21. The sound level and bluetooth signal will cover a 3 room panel apartment which is admirable. Excellent app for sound tuning and equalizer. Just suppressing the amount was disappointing. Before that I had a Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and they had a better eye-catching perception of the surroundings and received calls, but again it had weaker bass and there was no possibility to set up your own equalizer.
Don't hesitate and buy! Better sound at this prices. class you will not find.

Igor O.

I also bought them relatively expensive, sometime in June 2022, they cost about 145 euros even with a coupon, I also bought them for that much at the SVK eshop, now in August they are under 100 euros with a coupon, but back to the more important thing, I never thought that I will buy such "big" hearing aids for my ears. from the beginning, it took me a long time to get used to the fact that it rubs more from my ears than the ones I had before, Xiaomi and Haylou... but I got used to it, and I can summarize it like this: the design is very nice, the sound, the app, I would also like to have the option to increase the volume: )) , I also use them when running outside, so far they have never fallen out, nor should they because they have a good grip... also a quality microphone for calls... from Soundcor I have mentioned liberty 3 for hearing aids, and also Life Q35 which are the bomb... so in summary I prefer the Q35, as they offer a better musical experience, but I only use them at home, compared to the Liberty 3 Pro, they are an excellent choice for me when traveling and doing sports.