The home wind turbine from the Vevor brand is the cheapest on the market
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Vevor has the cheapest domestic wind turbine on the market in EU stock. Controller included, 300 W and 500 W to choose from

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How useful is its use in an ordinary household?

Are batteries required?


I am very interested in the battery performance and durability, whether a generator is needed.


I would be curious about the real benefit of this from someone who has tried it.


I would like to explain.. a 500W turbine will produce how much energy in one hour at a standard output of 13 m/s? well thank you


We have not tested the turbine, we cannot say how much energy it produces. IN this review but we have read that at a wind speed of 25 m/s it will produce 300 W, but they do not say in what time.


25 m/s? According to the scale, it is a gale where trees are already uprooted. 300w is unrealistic.


NP. 25m/s is a constant speed and 300 watt is a standard constant power TJ, when it flows 25m/sec for an hour, it produces 300 watts per hour TJ 300wh. TJ 0,3kw




Never again goods from China and this company, I had to pay in advance, the goods were not delivered to me and they did not respond to the complaint.


On AliExpress, there is buyer protection for 15 days from the date of receipt of the goods, if you have not received the goods, they will refund your money. You just have to watch it and in such a case resolve the dispute immediately. Did you do it?


I read in the comments that the manufacturer declared a power of 1000W and the user only got 100W of it. How is this possible? Can you explain it to me? Does this mean that the manufacturer is deliberately lying about the power of the turbine?


After all, the power you get from the turbine depends on how the wind blows. A maximum of 500 W turbines are available.


Nekupovať. Odskúšané a nie len pomocou vetra. Aj keď sme to pomocou náradia testovali max. dostanete 10% výkonu pri rýchlosti spomínaného hurikánu. Na Ali moje komentáre vymazali a následne aj tovar. Prosím najprv odskúšať a potom pridávať aby sa ďalší nesklamali.


The Chinese tend to be quite creative in the given parameters;)


In reality, you have to watch videos of people who have it, and when you see the real performance, you'll get over it. Wind turbines are still in their infancy in this regard. I would also like to see how the distributor will connect you to the network with the device from Aliexpress at 😀


You do not know what voltage is at the output, whether it can be connected to 220/380V.
How can it be anchored?
well thank you


10 m/s = 36 km/h, 20 m/s = 72 km/h. In order for the turbine to produce a sufficient amount of energy, a strong wind must blow. A wind map has been developed in Slovakia. The best conditions are in Chopok. If we want 13 m/s, that's a strong wind. According to the Beaufort scale, it is the movement of branches with the whistling of wires. At 20 m/s it is a gale. So no ordinary wind can produce miracles with this turbine. And watch out for vibrations. The turbine will produce something, but not enough to get anything out of it. As a supplement to photovoltaics, a little help.


If you look at the videos on yt, at a wind speed of 10 ms, 700 prmn, the turbine had an output of 72 watts. Output voltage 19v.


Je na to treba nejaké povolenie?