Vivo X90 Pro Plus review: a top smartphone with excellent cameras

[REVIEW] Unique Vivo X90 Pro Plus: First place in AnTuTu, huge rear camera or beautiful red color

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  1. Ján writes:

    I bought this VIVO X90 pro plus 512GB version on TradingShenzen. The Chinese software doesn't bother me that much, except for one thing. When I connect my earbuds (Sennheiser momentum true wireless 3), the Chinese audio assistant is always activated after activating the assistant. I can't disable it, it's just the primary option, I removed the permissions from it in the settings, I installed other audio assistants, but I couldn't set them as the primary option. I would like Google Assistant, I have it installed, but after activating it on the earbuds, the Chinese one always sounds. I also watched the entire instructional video on TradingShenzen and set up many things according to the video. Practically everything, except for the last step, that is, the removal of all Chinese applications, including system ones. I preferred not to dare to do this. I'm sorry I can't set Google Assistant as the primary option for my Sennheiser earbuds. Nothing else bothers me. I would appreciate some advice if this can be set up.

  2. Juraj writes:

    Hi, I'm considering buying the cn version considering that I can't expect global +ka. There are other restrictions for daily use please. I read about android auto not working. Is there anything else that can make the "joy" of using it unpleasant? Or should I wait for the global version "only" and put up with lower parameters? well thank you

    1. Frederik writes:

      As for the functionality of the smartphone, everything works except for Android Auto. Sometimes they can make the notifications go crazy, but you have to play with the settings of the applications (notifications and battery). The choice of model is up to you.

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