Blackview Tab 15 thin Android tablet with FullHD streaming [COUPONS]
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The best price so far: The ultra-thin Blackview Tab 15 tablet has a 10,5″ FHD+ display, Widevine L1, a large 8280 mAh battery

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It's a disappointing, unsurprising, basic tablet. The parameters look nice on paper, but not so much for browsing the Internet. Disappointing for me 8 GB looks nice, but the performance is not much. The speakers are weak, the microphone also does not play much music. It's like a cell phone for 100 euros, it works, but that's about it. The screen rotation is slow, Facebook is huge in width, it is not possible to reduce it, it can only be viewed in height. Waste of money for me. Better to pay extra and get something better.


You can't expect a tablet at this price to have good speakers. For good sound, you can buy a separate wireless speaker, there are many of them on offer. Of course, Facebook is large in width, because the tablet has a large screen, the content of the application adapts to the entire screen. It is a tablet for undemanding users and for browsing the web or watching videos.