The Teclast F7 Plus II is a new slim 14,1 "notebook with a record price
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Teclast F7 Plus II is with a record price of 188 € one of the cheapest laptops on the market in EU stock!

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There is only a small specification for this notebook - the metal body is not metal or aluminum, but plastic with a failed metal imitation - USB-C, at least in the model I ordered, is not at all. There is also a lack of keyboard backlighting, which I have no idea why many reviewers promise, apparently based on the manufacturer's first information before the sale, as some of the advertising images contain all of these things. So after the great F7 (real aluminum hard case) and the great F7 plus, this (F7 plus 2) is an incomprehensible downgrade. Maybe it's at least more powerful in software, which I didn't have time to verify, since the plastic body of the laptop - it was already a strong coffee for me… Maybe some of its modifications are aluminum, but probably for a different price…