Teckin SP22 monitors consumption and also supports voice control

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Teckin SP21 is the cheapest Tuya smart socket with a price of 7,69 € per piece! It also supports voice control

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Does it work even without a Zigbee gateway, because it is not written anywhere that it is necessary?


It is not necessary, it works through the Tuya app.


When I connect, I will connect an extension cord to this outlet and the appliance will be able to be controlled in this way, right?


Hello, we do not understand the question. This outlet can still be controlled with a smartphone.


Does ordering to Slovakia work? If I do not select the number of sockets and the EU warehouse, it shows me free delivery to Slovakia from Spain via GLS. However, when I click on the number of drawers and select EU warehouse, it says that this product cannot be delivered to the selected address.


Greetings. Unfortunately, the sockets were sold out in the EU warehouse, there was a lot of interest in them, and they are currently only available in the Chinese warehouse, but they cannot be ordered from there to Slovakia. We have already contacted the seller, but we still have no answer.


SP21 does not have consumption monitoring. I've had that since SP22, if I'm not mistaken