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The intelligent Digoo DG-C3X alarm clock charges the smartphone and measures temperature and humidity. We have a bargain coupon

The Chinese technology market offers a really wide range of practical smart gadgets for your home, such as this smart alarm clock Digoo DG-C3X. It even contains ports for charging a pair of smartphones, as well as sensors for measuring the temperature or humidity in the room. Missing…

This beautiful frameless alarm clock displays time and temperature. It has an even lower price in the CZ warehouse

Larger displays that have the function of a thermometer, alarm clock or ordinary clock are gaining more and more popularity in modern setups. The touch alarm clock that we bring to you is extremely cheap and, moreover, it arrives at your home very quickly. 🔥 Watch the news from China Planet n / A…

The great-looking LED clock from Loskia has a colored backlight and also shows the temperature. It costs little in the Czech Republic

Loskii HC-26 is an interesting design clock that will enliven any space and, thanks to the changing colors, you can adapt it perfectly. They show time, date and even temperature. Now you can buy them for a great price. Low price tag in Czech stock Clock Loskii HC-26 si…

DIGOO DG-FR200 is an extremely cheap smart clock radio with LED display. We also have a coupon

Today we will introduce you to the DIGOO DG-FR200 radio alarm clock, which hides the function of a regular alarm clock, but will also play you on another note thanks to the FM radio. Its price is extremely low and it is a really cheap gadget. Price and delivery