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Price 37,70 € in EU stock: Tronsmart Apollo Q10 is a quality headset with hybrid noise reduction and application

The Tronsmart Apollo Q10 headset has touch control, hybrid noise reduction, its own application or Bluetooth 5.0, and in addition it has a great price thanks to discounts. The perfect price in the European stock You can buy Tronsmart Apollo Q10 headphones in the official Tronsmart store on AliExpress or…

Bluetooth 5.0 headphones Realme Buds Q with a duration of 20 hours received a record low price of 15 €

As the 3,5mm wired headphone audio connectors began to fade from their smartphones, music lovers were sometimes forced to get a wireless alternative. This interesting piece from Realme with Bluetooth 5.0 and 20 hours is one…