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Update plan for Android 11: When will your smartphone get the latest system?

Every owner of a smartphone with this system wants to have the latest version of Android 11. Not all devices already have it, and in this article you will find out when your smartphone will receive it. You can find update dates for brands like Xiaomi, Samsung,…

[UPDATED] You can have the latest Android 11 right now. An even bigger list of smartphones and download links

Many users are still waiting to update the latest Android 11 system, which often comes with an update to the superstructure. Whether you have a Xiaomi, OnePlus, Realme, Sony, Motorola or Lenovo smartphone, with this article you can have Android 11 now! We've updated the article…

Android 11, despite Google's words, has already come to some Pixel 4 XL devices. We have the first photos from the new OS

As is the custom every year at the Google I / O conference to introduce a new generation of the Android operating system, this year will be no exception. Android 11 is slowly knocking on the door. 🔥 Follow news from China Planet on Facebook and Instagram. Unlike previous…