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Aliexpress sales: The ultra-thin ceiling lamp has Tuya application support, RGB ambient lighting and a record price of €29!

It is an ultra-thin smart ceiling lamp belonging to the popular Tuya ecosystem, thanks to which you can control it directly via a mobile application, or even with the voice assistant Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Of course, the lamp also has adjustable brightness and light temperature,…

[INSTRUCTIONS] How to connect Amazon Alexa on Amazfit watches even in unsupported regions

Amazfit also offers the integration of the popular Amazon voice assistant Alexa in its new smartwatch models. In today's guide, we will introduce how to set up this service in officially unsupported regions, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In the editorial office we have the Amazon service…

BlitzWolf BW-LC1 also makes an ordinary LED strip a smart strip. It has an application, control via Alex and costs only 5 €

Do you have a stylish LED strip at home that creates pleasant ambient lighting for you, but you can't control it remotely? The BlitzWolf BW-LC1 add-on will also add a mobile application and control to your strip via the Amazon Alexa smart assistant or Google Assistant. There is also a bargain discount…