T-BAO MN58U has a price-performance ratio that you won't believe China Planet
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T-BAO MN58U with new coupon, even better price-performance ratio: Ryzen 7 5800U and again 32 GB + 1 TB version in stock!

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could the coupon expire after one day? at least that's what it tells me when I try to use it


There was a universal sale coupon that unfortunately ended yesterday. We will equip a new one.


I managed to find a working code NNNTBMN58PC, the price goes down to exactly 345 euros


sadly, there are neither 512gb nor 1TB versions, will they still be in stock? I put a guard dog, but I'm worried if they will still stock it..
They are not in stock for a good month, maybe even more, do you know how to prevent this, or do they plan to restock?

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so I got it.. but already about 60 euros more per coupon than before at the beginning of autumn.. 🙁 or was it the 512gb version for exactly 300? in any case, it turned out pretty high


Just look at the price history and you will immediately find out what the prices were.

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according to this picture, there should be the possibility of support and expansion by another 2,5'' HDDcomment image can you confirm is it really so? did they fit it in such a small box? also a panel with a fan?


Yes, it supports 2,5″ SSD/HDD expansion, it is also in this photocomment image