Samebike LO26 is a great electric folding bike with a range of up to 80 km
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New coupons: Samebike LO26 is the cheapest electric mountain bike with 500 W, a range of 80 km and a folding mechanism

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  1. Dan writes:

    However, for electric bicycles imported from China, the end-user is also subject to the payment of the duty and the tax in this case is anti-dumping tax (89%) - so I don't know if I would enjoy this bike if I received a message from the customs office that I had to pay tax and clo.

    1. Editorial writes:

      But this is not an offer from a Chinese warehouse, but from a European warehouse. No tax or duty is paid on intra-EU deliveries.

  2. Stefan Jany writes:

    Now I have LO26 in front of me, he just arrived by mail. The bike is folded, the flashlight is charged but the display is lifeless. Why ??

  3. Stefan writes:

    You have to insert the key there and turn it to an oblique position, then the display will go, do not pull the trot

  4. Stefan writes:

    And here is a new problem. BIcycle displays error E 09 and does not work even if the flashlight is charged. What about that?

    1. Frederik writes:

      Good day. Contact us by message on Facebook or by email.

  5. Miloš writes:

    I would not even want this Chinese disgust for free… And the service will probably be a disaster. 26 wheels - it's for kids…

    1. Frederik writes:

      Not everyone may like it. We have seen very positive feedback on this bike.

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