[REVIEW] The Tronsmart Element Mega Pro is a quality 60 W speaker

[REVIEW] The Tronsmart Element Mega Pro is a high quality 60 W wireless speaker

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Hello, have you tried the BlitzWolf BW-AS3 by any chance? I was very satisfied with it, but it fell a little on the floor 😀 The bass speaker just rattles a little at certain frequencies, so I think that some plastic has just broken somewhere and it can be easily repaired, or I will replace the entire bass speaker. But at the moment I'm hesitating whether I should order a new Blitzwold or try this one. I'm talking about "purity of sound" (it's still wireless speakers, so you can't expect miracles 😀 ). I understood that it is not 360°, so theoretically it could handle the presentation better in one direction. You don't have experience? Thank you very much


Hello. We did not try this speaker. Well, all our impressions of the Tronsmart speaker can be found in the review. It is not 360 °, but it will cover the front and back, which was enough for us personally. We use audio products from this brand for longer and we are extremely satisfied (Tronsmart Apollo Bold, older Element Force and Apollo Q10).


Frederik: Thank you for the comprehensive answer. Today I will try to gut BlitzWolf if it's not a mess, but I'll probably go to Tronsmart anyway. Thank you again


Hi, I wanted to ask if the speaker also plays when charging from el. networks?