Instructions: Modified region-free application Xiaomi Home

[TUTORIAL] How to add Chinese and European devices under one Xiaomi Home application?

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  1. Peto writes:

    Thanks for the article, I finally have unified all the devices in one application.

  2. MarekM writes:

    On Apple nothing 😔

  3. Juraj writes:

    It takes my name and password from me before downloading.

  4. Denis writes:

    He will write to me that the application was not installed. Does anyone have a similar experience?

  5. Martin M writes:

    Me too. The original app must be uninstalled first, and then it worked perfectly.

  6. Short writes:

    I wonder what it will be like with updates to this modified version.

  7. henshu70 writes:

    Updates only work for a fee when you subscribe to An alternative is to manually update by downloading the current version according to the above procedure.

  8. Michal writes:

    Hello. Apka works for me..I have two vacuum cleaners there one for the Chinese region and the other eu region. They both work. But what did I notice that somehow illogically they started vacuuming / washing… Now I don't know if it can be an apk?

  9. Martin writes:

    but then it works as an update, ie leaving the original settings?
    or do you need everything again?

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