Midea M7 Pro with vibrating moping or multi maps has a great price
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With a new coupon under €200! The Midea M7 Pro robot has a power of 4000 Pa, vibration mopping, multi maps and a sophisticated application

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Can't send to the Czech Republic? I would take him right away


The coupon was only for Slovaks, but unfortunately the vacuum cleaner has already sold out. In the future, however, we definitely plan to process coupons for the Czech Republic as well.


What is this brand? Neakyecosystem under xiaomi? What about spare parts? Can I get it right?


Midea is a separate brand, outside of Xiaomi. They also make air conditioning and the like, very popular in other countries. In Malta, for example, we have seen Midea air conditioners everywhere. Spare parts can be purchased at AliExpress.

Susie Jerkins

Is it possible to edit maps in the application? The house vacuum cleaner divided me incorrectly, but I don't see the possibility of editing the map anywhere, just rename it…


Hello, how is the warranty?


The warranty is one year.



definitely not to order, ordered on 9.12.2022/14.12.2022/30 from French warehouse, arrival was supposed to be XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX - today the seller wrote to me that I have to wait another XNUMX days, and I had to ask about that
When I look at this offer again, it is still possible to order there and it says arrival on 21.12.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Can you somehow help me get compensation from them? Because it won't arrive until Christmas this fall.



Warranty one year? And there is no 2-year warranty by law in the EU!!!


It's a Chinese seller, not an EU seller. Unfortunately, they provide only 1 year warranty.


I bought it and after a month, the battery started to die...it lasts for 50 m2...when it vacuums....I will try to complain....we will see, in the first round I only got advice...there was no willingness to send a new battery yet, we will see...I wrote again.


My battery died after a year and a half, out of warranty...