Mensela PW-W1 is a great lime with a pressure of 165 bar and a power of 2100 W
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Mensela PW-W1 pressure cleaner for a record price of €72,65: 165 bar pressure, 10 m hose and product tank

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  1. Miroslav writes:

    Greetings. There is one screw for the handle that falls off, which is in the package, and you need to screw it onto the handle and it won't fall off anymore. Rather, I would have a question about what to do if it goes wrong. How long have I owned it and it lasted me 2 days then it died, I can also send a video. I also wrote to banggod for a return/repair but no one has contacted me yet, could you possibly help me with this if they do not contact me within a certain time.

    Well thank you.

    1. Editorial writes:

      Hello, send us the order number and date and we will look into it.

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