BAOFENG BF-S5 Plus is a great cheap radio with a coupon

Coupons in EU stock: Baofeng BF-S5 Plus is a cheap radio with a range of up to 20 km, extreme endurance

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John Roberts

Well, let's get real. I have an S5 + and the battery is between 1800/2200 mAh in capacity. Printing its 9500mAh claims loses any credibility for that article! It also claims to be an 18W radio, which is equally as ridiculous.

That said, it's an outstanding 5W radio with an 1800-2200 battery. I've had mine for several days and I can't keep my hands off of it. It's beautiful, and the black and orange design make it an ideal choice for use in outdoor activities and, on low setting, for in-house walkie-talkie use (I keep mine indoors and my wife uses hers while doing yard work on the low , 1-watt setting.)

It doesn't help to make unreal claims as the actual 5-watt, 1800 / 2200mAh specs don't detract from it at all.

Deception doesn't sell.