Soundcore Life The Q35 have top-notch Hi-Res sound for both cable and Bluetooth
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New coupon: Soundcore Life In our opinion, the Q35 are the manufacturer's best headphones: Hi-Res sound also via BT, LDAC or wear detection

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In Slovakia, they are for 110, why should anyone buy from tin?

Sarah Davis

I completely agree with that Anker Soundcore product line offers high-quality audio accessories. The new Anker Soundcore Life Q35 seems like a great addition to their lineup, with its attractive design and advanced noise-cancelling technology. I'm particularly interested in the Hi-Res wireless audio with LDAC support, which is a feature that's often lacking in other similar products. However, I'm curious about the battery life of the Q35. Can you share any information on how long it lasts on a single charge?


Why not straight q45? They are only a fraction more expensive and the quality is better. Or did I miss something?


We've seen a lot of negative reviews on the Q45, the Q35 was better with bass and connection stability, but that was a problem right after launch, maybe they fixed it with a firmware update.