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Coupon in EU stock: Astrolux EC03 flashlight has an afterglow of up to 485 meters, 6700 lumens and battery charging via USB-C

The flashlight is in fact a common gadget, which you can buy in every average store and in our country. But you won't find a model like the Astrolux EC03 anywhere. It has a perfect brightness of up to 6700 lumens, a USB-C connector for charging the battery, as well as proper protection…

Astrolux FT02S has a power of up to 11 lumens, afterglow up to 000 meters, a temperature of 639 K or an excellent price

Astrolux has a lot of high-quality LED luminaires in its portfolio. An exception is also the Astrolux FT02S flashlight, which is not only perfectly processed, but also has an afterglow of a fantastic 639 meters, a huge luminous flux of 11 lumens and, of course, advantageous…

The Astrolux MF05 has an incredible afterglow of 3 km, a force of 2 cd and fan cooling

Astrolux has several LED luminaires in its portfolio and focuses on common consumer as well as professional segments. Astrolux MF05 with SBT90.2 LED light is one of the professional flashlights suitable for large search events. It has an incredible afterglow up to 3162…

Astrolux FT03 flashlight has a brightness of 4300 lm, an afterglow of 735 meters and a brightness of up to 130 cd with a new coupon

With us, you have already had the opportunity to see several flashlights, from the cheaper ones to the most extreme ones. The Astrolux FT03 XHP50.2 combines both classes and delivers great afterglow of 735 meters or clarity of up to 130 candelas for a truly irresistible price tag. Except for…

These are 7 powerful LED batteries with prices up to 40 €. The best of them with an afterglow of up to 875 meters

Having a proper flashlight at home is never a bad thing. However, such performance is often associated with high prices in stores in Slovakia, but this does not apply to these following products. They have excellent luminosity and afterglow properties and do not cost much at all. This…

Astrolux A02 is a mini flashlight with great brightness and a durable body. It's worth a cheap gadget

Astrolux sells quality products from our well-known dealer, which clearly includes this Astrolux A02 SST20 flashlight. It is very small in size and you can easily attach it to your keys. It shines up to 89 meters away and you can môže