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Violeworks 8-inch cordless chainsaw at an unbeatable price 24 € in the EU warehouse. It has a power of 3000 W and fits Makita batteries

Violeworks, a well-known tool manufacturer, brings to the market its handy 8-inch cordless saw, which is available at an unbeatable price of only €24, directly in the EU warehouse. This saw is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful tool…

Another really cheap tool: Violework cordless jigsaw has 2 batteries, 4 saws and a charger. All for 34 €

Are you looking for practical and rechargeable tools for the garden or work? In that case, definitely read on. Violework as a Chinese brand brings a new straight cordless saw with four saw blades and two batteries. It will also please with a carrying case directly in…

A new cordless saw with a larger 6-inch bar and two batteries in CZ stock costs a surprising € 27

In today's article, we will introduce a novelty that will be especially appreciated by every passionate gardener. If you are looking for a smaller, handy version of standard saws, the new cordless saw will offer you truly compact dimensions, a 6 ″ saw blade, but also high power up to 600 W and two…