125 W charging China Planet
Oppo introduces super fast 125 W Flash Charge charging. The 4000 mAh battery charges in 20 minutes

The well-known Chinese company Oppo is currently at the top in terms of fast charging. Together with their partner company Realme, they announced their new ultra-fast 125 W charging. It's about 125 W Flash Charge, which replenishes the battery extremely quickly.

Realme has already officially announced its 125 W UltraDart charging. 33% will complete in just an incredible three minutes

Realme, as reported by other Chinese manufacturers, has officially unveiled its new 125 W charging technology. It is called UltraDart and 33% of the battery will be replenished in just an incredible 3 minutes! 🔥 Follow news from China Planet on Facebook and Instagram.

OPPO is preparing 125 W Super Flash Charge technology. It will be presented on July 15

You've probably heard of various extremely powerful, lightning-fast charging technologies on our website lately. This time, however, we will focus a little more on the Chinese giant Oppo, who is preparing something for us. It's about extremely fast charging Super…