Smart Tuya thermostatic radiator head. You won't find it cheaper
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Almost TOP prices! Practical Smart Tuya thermostatic radiator heads: Mechanical control and do not even need a gateway

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How long does the battery last in it?


if they are low-quality products,,, e.g. other inexpensive electronics/chips/stabilizers, so certainly not the promised 1 year, but it can be only 2 months. Rechargeable batteries will be a problem, as they have 1,2 V and the classic 1,55 V (1,5 V). Another like is 3V through the converter and to the 5V charger. That's what I'll do, thin cables under the carpet. I am an electrical engineer. Zigbee modules are economical, but thermal heads have a motor or rather drains the battery. I have RF modules/WIFI modules/Zigbee modules for a smarthome-intelligent house,,, I also need a ZIGBEE gateway, I still have to use the HOME ASSISTANT+zigbee usb module. I have many Intel mini PCs that eat approx. 5W e.g. others have e.g. ORANGE PI 3B, RASPBERRY PI 5 or other ARM processors instead of INTEL/AMD


You can buy tuya zigbee heads for a similar price, they will last many times longer. Count weeks, certainly not months with this Wi-Fi...