The Proscenic P12 has a decent suction power of 33 Pa and a good price
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The Proscenic P12 vacuum cleaner has a decent power of 33 Pa, an illuminated head and a telescopic pole in the EU warehouse

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Where can I buy replacement filters/parts because they will need to be replaced over time?


Is there a warranty on this vacuum cleaner? well thank you


Yes, the warranty is one year from the seller.


what is the difference between the predecessor P11 and this model? at least it has the same suction power as Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 for what we have at home.. so suction power approx. 200AW at max? prop H10 for /flex?


I'm just checking that they have the suction pressure, which is stated in kPa Jimmy weaker than these proscenics, interesting proscenic P12 33KPa vs for example older JV85 for only 25kPa but has more suction power Jimmy 200AW vs 120AW for the P12 .. so just figure it out 🙂 somehow it doesn't go together, there is quite a large disparity.. even the H10 flex, which is a much more expensive vacuum cleaner, has a much lower suction pressure, stated at approx. 26kPa vs Proscenic P12 33kPa, although Jimmy has a suction power of 245AW.. in this respect it is interesting and quite similar to Proscenic, Jigoo C500 also has 33kPa

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