Moeshouse are smart valves for radiators with control via smartphone
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AliExpress sale: Verified white Moeshouse Tuya ZigBee smart heads for radiators, they have a display and control via smartphone

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I definitely do not recommend. I bought 4 and none of them worked. they could not be set manually or using the application. not even the developer could help me. so definitely not for me!


We tested one and it worked just fine. You probably got some wrong pieces. Have you tried to advertise them?


I'm 4 and everything is fine. The only problem is the flashlight cover. On the one hand, the handle is easily damaged. There is a very thin plastic.


Good day.

Does a ZigBee hub from Mouse House have to be used? Or can it be a ZigBee hub from another company? E.g. I have a ZigBee hub LoraTap due to other Smart devices (smartlife, tuya). Have you tried it? If every company needs to have its own ZigBee hub then Smart Solutions loses its relevance.
Can you try it - the editors - if necessary?


Hello. ZigBee is a standard that works the same for all devices, so it will definitely go on a different hub.


I definitely do not recommend. Bad processing. They are falling apart. The battery cover falls off, the head itself falls off. Problems with batteries, if you use rechargeable batteries, they will quickly report a drop in voltage and thus discharge. The valve itself works very strangely. Even if the temperature is lower, it will not open, and on the contrary, it will not close sometimes when the temperature is higher.