Carsun electric compressor blows faster than Xiaomi compressors! It has a good price under 20 € also expedited transport | China Planet
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Carsun electric compressor blows faster than Xiaomi compressors! It has a good price under 20 € and expedited shipping

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You praised probably the cheapest compressor sometime in mid-March, I ordered it and although it took 15 days for delivery, it still hasn't arrived today 🙁 I am now applying for a refund with AliExpress because they marked the delivery as finished (that the goods were delivered to me) 🙁 I want some evidence from me (photo video) otherwise I will not submit a dispute, because nothing has been sent, there is nothing to photograph.
thank you for such a "great tip" 🙁 I hope you received the commission


Hello, we are sorry for your experience, so far no one else has written that they had such a problem with delivery, and a lot of those compressors have been sold. Aliexpress has a fairly good tracking system, try tracking this. Packages go via Hungarian ExpressOne, here is their package tracking page, try hacking it or contact the Slovak ExpressOne representative office with a request to find out where the package is


As he FINALLY mentions, last time the given compressor was no longer in stock, so you offered this one. So I ordered it with an additional coupon for about 21 euros. It came to me within 5 days, but it was not functional.. I didn't even open a dispute and after an agreement with the seller, he sent me new ones. This one is already fully functional (I will try to repair the old one - one cell in the battery is obviously broken). I tried it on blowing the wheels on a bike - the compressor was fully charged and after about 2 minutes of blowing (I was blowing the wheels at 2.2 bar) it already showed me a weak battery, but it would still manage something. Overall, I'm happy with it, I have it in my car and in case of emergency, I think it's enough


Well, you're in luck. I received the first loser (it didn't charge) and they immediately sent me the second one, and they didn't even bother, right? and when the second one arrived damaged, I opened a dispute and they returned the money. They were already crying that they would send me a new one, which I refused.
They sell smejdy.


You have a bad product link. It says that it can only be ordered to the Russian Federation and not to Slovakia.


Don't you happen to have the country set to Russia for Ali? Because the link shows normal delivery to Slovakia from the Spanish warehouse.


I do not recommend. After a week it stopped working. They refused to refund my money. It's a total laugh. When I turn it on, it starts to smoke and smell strong. Better the xiaomi one for 24e. It works without problems on a scooter and a bike


how to claim the two-year warranty? I used it a couple of times and the battery is dead


If you bought it at the partner SK e-shop Maldo, you need to write them an email. If you have it from AliExpress, there is a 1 year warranty, you need to open a dispute with the seller.


how to open a dispute with the seller? the order states that the dispute could be opened only 15 days after delivery. Should I contact support or not? I wrote to the seller and he advised me to change the battery. I'm asking him to send it to me, but he's sure to screw up. Otherwise, there are enough negative reviews about the product regarding the flashlight.


In that case, you have to write to them directly on the Ali platform.