The 4K drone JJRC H106 is quite possibly the cheapest on the market, it is also in stock in the EU
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The best-selling JJRC H106 drone is back in stock in the EU and with a coupon! It avoids obstacles, has a dual camera and up to 3 batteries in the package

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Range 80-100m! That's really very little, I'll discuss that later with a stone. So I wouldn't say a lot of music for little money.

michael b

I bought it, tried it on and it's really just a toy. The battery lasts 7 minutes, that's true, but the weaker it is, the worse it is controlled. With a very weak fan, it blows it away. The camera is not even close to 4k. It's not even FHD. It is rather SD image quality.
The drone is generally very difficult and complicated to control. If you want a home toy with a camera that works for taking photos and videos, but only for fun and you will be flying in complete windlessness, then that's ok.


Do NOT buy the terrible waste