Gearbest has been switched off: Once the largest Chinese e-shop is shut down and you can't buy anything from them | China Planet
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Gearbest has been switched off: Once the largest Chinese e-shop is shut down and you can't buy anything from them

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  1. kexo writes:

    I wish I could be disgusting, but I just wish them for the way they treated the customers, who dared to call themselves VIPs. That is how I ended up writing them in the last sentences of the reaction from many disputes with technical support. As they say, a lost customer is hard to get back to sleep. And I have a feeling that they didn't even care about it, it was enough to always find a couple of new ones, which they managed to paint and then cough up on them. Solve all problems by assigning loyalty points, which can be put on almost nothing in the offer of minutes, this is also Gearboxacke.

  2. Peter Welling writes:

    Too bad the eshop. It started well, but lately it's been a total disaster. Overpriced prices, weak technical support and a bunch of other things put this store on its knees.

  3. David writes:

    The first info about the problems appeared a year ago, when they stopped paying commissions to people who bought through them

  4. lojkas writes:

    It's great news when I just shopped there recently. Goods paid and still not sent

  5. Martin writes:

    So I don't know, but at the moment it doesn't look like the eshop should be turned off, since everything works normally. But I also had a problem with them lately, at least they returned my money because they were not able to send my goods

    1. Frederik writes:

      Other news also informed about the shutdown of the website, and the website does not work for us personally either.

  6. Vladimír writes:

    Really great, 31 USD in G Wallet was returned to me for two months, so they probably finished.

  7. Radek writes:

    Hello, can someone help me I bought an e-bike and a few days I learned about bankruptcy how can I get my money back?

  8. Just writes:

    we also bought e-bikes, one came with a broken flashlight, which is actually non-functional and we have not been able to contact them for 3 months

  9. Martin writes:

    Gearbest is coming again. New to Gearbest

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