The BlitzWill BW-CLT2 Smart Ceiling Light has great reviews and a coupon
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Perfect coupon: BlitzWill BW-CLT2 smart ceiling light has great reviews, diameter 40 cm, adjustable brightness, controller and app

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Hello, I want to ask what kind of batteries are these that are not part of the package? Do you mean in the controller, or some backup in the lamp, thank you


In the controller.


I bought two units, both are buzzing. The light itself without the backlight buzzes less, when only the backlight is on, it doesn't buzz at all. The advantage is that it has the same grip as the CLT1, so the upgrade takes a few seconds. The light can also be paired and controlled via the Blitzwolf app. Remote control can also be an advantage for some. As for the luminosity, compared to the CLT1, it is a small, even minimal difference. Compared to the Arwen 550C, which on paper has the same consumption and almost the same brightness, I would estimate that it is about half as bright. So, in my subjective opinion, I recommend going for CLT1 instead.