Proscenic X1 is a robotic vacuum cleaner with vibrating mopping under €300
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With this famous discount, Proscenic X1 is the only robotic vacuum cleaner with vibrating mopping and a cleaning station under €210

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I wonder how he avoids obstacles, how he handles cables on the floor, or socks? Another thing in the station is a bag in which to empty the vacuum cleaner after cleaning, is the bag universal or reusable? Where do I get more bags from? I have a robotic vacuum cleaner from eta and I want to replace it because it can't back up, save the map, and when I turn on automatic cleaning, it overwrites the original map, which is quite nonsense, because it always throws away the saved map where I have set no-go zones and zones where it is not supposed to map, for example. for carpets, I'm just wondering how it works on this vacuum cleaner, thanks