OnePlus 12 is in the official EU version with a coupon of 256 € cheaper!

OnePlus 12 global ROM 16 GB + 1 TB version with 75 € ambush! An uncompromising flagship with a brutal Hasselblad camera

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Paper parameters are famous


How long will the coupon be valid?


Trading Shenzen doesn't have any coupons, they keep the same prices, only discount after a few months.


Will there also be Slovak?
How does a potential complaint proceed?


Yes it will be. Complaints are handled directly with the seller, via email.


...already ordered in the highest version, can't wait 👌


we would like to buy it but unfortunately the website is not working


I want to ask which shipping to choose via gshopper so that it arrives duty free? So if it is possible at all? thank you


You can choose Free shipping, it is free of additional fees.


I'm disappointed with Gshopper, the prices are fine, but the shipping time is endless. Ordered a week ago and they keep moving the shipping date.


Can we quote? ..on the side of the product it is written in red: This phone is a CN OTA version phone. We will disassemble the phone to perform software reflashed OxygenOS and unlock it. Support google play, multi-language, band20.

Due to software reflashing, unlocking, and resealing, it takes 3-5 days.
It will then be sorted by the Chinese warehouse for stronger packaging, which will take 1-2 working days.
Therefore, after placing an order, you generally need to wait 4-7 working days before the phone will be shipped. Please note.


The discount code 24AN80 no longer works for me


Unfortunately, they ran out, you have to try tomorrow after 8:00, but apparently they won't be there anymore.


The $80 AECP80 should be used


Hello. I ordered it on 21.3. and they still didn't even send it. I am writing to them via AliExpress and they keep reassuring me that they will send it to me and still nothing... please advise me if I should wait or cancel the order. Thank you for your reply


We recommend waiting, they had a rush of orders during the birthday sales.


Ok, I'll wait. Thank you


Does anyone have experience with this version? (Global ROM)

Will I receive OTA updates?
The only difference compared to the Global version is that e does not worksim? Or is there more to it? What about security updates?


We in the editorial office use OP11 Chinese version and everything works fine, but esim it won't go there, but we don't use it. We also receive OTA updates, there is no problem with security updates either.


It looks like eSIM are disabled on the china flashed OP12, but the rest of the things should be identical, including the OTA. It also looks like the seller Super Tech Espana Store has in the description it is written that the phones sold by them are flashed on OxygenOS. (I ordered a mobile phone, we'll see when it arrives :))


The Super Tech Espana Store seller himself wrote to us that this is the ColorOS version of the smartphone. The contact directly from the AliExpress platform wrote to us that they are OxygenOS versions. Apparently, after our initiative, the seller also changed the screen in the product description, before there were ColorOS screens, now it's Oxygen OS and added black text. It's still so ambiguous, though, so we'll only know after the phone arrives. Be sure to let us know.

Miroslav Salava

The mobile phone arrived in good order. I am sending a screen showing OxygenOS 14.0. So far I'm enjoying half a day, so I still have a lot to discover. If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer when I know 😁. For me, one big minus so far, the supplied charger is Chinese, although they included an adapter, but it doesn't plug into a classic socket. So either settle for slower charging or buy an original OnePlus charger 😭


Is it a problem to buy an EU adapter for a Chinese charger? That's the least of the problems.

Miroslav Salava



Ordered Oneplus 12 on March 26, 2024. Until today, April 17, they didn't send anything...just excuses...a lot of I'll probably cancelsim...what experiences do others have?