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The BlitzWolf BW-S17 is an extremely powerful 65 W USB-C adapter that also charges a laptop

Many times you get into a situation where you forget the charger for your device. Therefore, it is good to always have at least some alternative with you. BlitzWolf BW-S17 is a universal adapter that will charge almost all your devices really fast. Thanks to the power of 65 W…

BlitzWolf BW-S18 is an extra powerful 65 W adapter with 2 ports including USB-C and a great price in CZ stock

If you are looking for a more powerful adapter that will help you use the full charging power of your smartphone, you are in the right place. The BlitzWolf BW-S18 can operate at up to 65 W and charges most modern smartphones without any problems. You will find a great price Powerful adapter BlitzWolf BW-S18 in the offer of our verified…