Zeblaze VIBE 7 Pro is offered for under 30 € beautiful display and water resistance

Zeblaze VIBE 7 Pro smartwatch with a coupon price under €26, praised by our fan: Beautiful AMOLED, military standard and Hi-Fi BT calls

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What language, OS speed, spare straps do they have?


The system language of the watch is only English, possibly German or Polish. The application is also available in Slovak and Czech.


Great, thank you.
In the meantime, I found out that the strap is a quick release and any 22mm can be used.
The OS responds quite well.


Yes, it is 22mm, not 20mm as stated in the review 😉


How do I turn off the sound so that my watch does not automatically play videos from the watch?

Peter Pan

in the price up to 25 euros unique top! no debate.. as long as you don't need GPS or contactless payments, it's not about what.. even if our languages ​​are not available, this model scores well with the ares 3 pro, which is similar in price, but this one has a better battery, a finer resolution or brightness of the display, and a better strap ( doesn't cause allergies to goats) and what I found out (a friend has them) even better always on (has complete info, e.g. date or steps, unlike ares 3 for which they only show time), not negligible info + military resistance

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