New coupons: The Zeblaze Stratos 3 smartwatch has a beautiful AMOLED display, GPS and BT calls. Zeblaze Stratos 3 Pro also available with a free gift! | China Planet

New coupons: The Zeblaze Stratos 3 smartwatch has a beautiful AMOLED display, GPS and BT calls. Zeblaze Stratos 3 Pro also available with a free gift!

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Nice chat!
The price after applying the discount is 50,95 € and not €40,83


Sir, the prices on AliExpress are constantly changing and the one mentioned was from October 2, the article also included information about an automatic discount until 4.10 09:00 before the price, with which the price came out exactly as we wrote. It was a limited time sale. That's why we include the time of the offer update in the price boxes...


They probably won't have a menu in Slovak or Czech? I would like that a lot.


Unfortunately, they don't.


don't they have a single blade? that's how it looks, I have 2 models from them at home and not one of them is available.. I wanted to be forced to use AJ.. a friend who doesn't know much English is forced to use Polstina.. otherwise I even bought the Mibro GS global version through you and it doesn't have it either /cz language how is that possible? we bought from aliexpress.. so they don't sell the global version then? doesn't even the global one have our languages? the owner is very sorry for this, you expected that such a watch would already be in sk or at least cz.


It's a global version, unfortunately they don't have SK/CZ language from the factory.


Bro, the Slovak market has 5 million people, the Czech market has 10. That's how much a district city has in cinema. Do you think that the manufacturer will make special 2 languages, of which maybe 200 pieces will be sold in total for the entire SK/CZ region?


for example, all models of amazfits have at least the Czech language.. the same goes for the Xiaomi watch S series, does the mi watch 2 for the Czech language have the same in the menu, as does the ticwatch from mobvoi


"such a watch"? For €40? 😁😁😁 Let him learn English, or buy a "real" watch with wear OS for a few hundred! "such a watch" 😁😁😁


Probably never in Apple, but through the browser (I use Chrome) just set the Slovak language and that's it.
When you then put the verified product in the cart (as a logged-in client), you simply go to the app and order


paradoxically, stratos 2 from 2022 was a much better model than stratos 3 - model from 2023, the reviews say everything and there are quite a lot of negative ones about the current model, please take a look at the user reviews below... I recommend it, I always do it before each buy -fest dolezita thing and rent it at Alika, where there are many tooth removal shops or sellers
in the end I got a GPS from zeblaze and went for the vibe 7 pro and ares 3 pro models and I don't regret it.. I gave one to a friend and I kept one, the friend also wanted a mibro gs.. but also the stylish gtr3 pro ones from zeblaze are cool. . and if I want a smartwatch with GPS and NFC payments, I'd rather go for something more decent, like for example ticwatch 5 pro/ 3 ultra prip amazfit balance or xiaomi mi watch 2 pro if I want to save prip garmin venu 3 if I'm patient with the brand..u I don't really need gps or nfc like zeblaze and I don't miss it

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ugh, somehow the stratos 3 went up in price, even in the fall of 2023 they were for 40 per promotion with a coupon, now over 50 as part of new promotions.. and they are still a bit worse compared to the previous stratos 2 generation (from 2022) .. have them Has anyone here actually bought one? can you also write here your actual experience of using it, whether it is worth it to be sure.. I would especially like to know if the stated 20 days with active use and 84 hours with the GPS always on is really true or if the reality is different from their advertisement.. and you don't have to forget about the consumption in the always on mode when you have the display turned on, which most users/owners will probably want to have.. it also pushes the endurance down a bit.. in other words, I'm mainly interested in the real endurance with the GPS on and always on aligned.. that's it they don't appear anywhere.. anyway, they may have already been debugged with some update..

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Hello, I ordered one last year, everything was fine until I was in the pool with them and the clock went completely crazy and is already kaput, can you help me with a claim? well thank you

Peter Pan

I already bought a xiaomi watch S3 and I don't regret it.. I shower and swim in them without problems.. you don't need to wipe them off so much because they don't last.. the difference is only a few euros.. you can hardly complain about anything on AliExpress

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I already had 2 pieces and they ended exactly as you write, the first one after half a year in the pool in cool salt water, the second one ended after 10 days, the first swimming in the lake.


My mom doesn't last a day. After the first week, they barely lasted a day. I complained about the car even at the dealer, he still hasn't heard from me. But they have a good processing.


I bought them before Christmas for €36, they are great


It's stuck even on the video


I have purchased Zeblaze Stratos 3 through your code and please let me know if they also include an application for measuring terrain elevation?


The watch is loaded, you can even see it in the promotional video. Let them keep such a watch, not even for free.

Peter Pan

if you want a nice and good model, at this price, you should go for the ares 3 pro models, but especially the vibe 7 pro, but you will need GPS if you don't need such a top choice, if you want a smartwatch with GPS, I recommend paying extra for at least the watch S3 from Xiaomi, you will also get contactless nfc payments as a bonus


I bought it, but I regret it. I probably should have gone to Amazfit. They work pretty well except that the recorded routes don't transfer to the phone. Only the first few passed and nothing since then. There is a record in the watch. Other communication with the phone goes. Of course, the Chinese does not respond.

One more thing - if the phone is not present, the track recording will say that GPS data will not be recorded. I read somewhere that it should be ignored and that it will work, but I can't verify that.

Peter Pan

yes, buy, I recommend either amazfit balance or xiaomi watch S3, if you want nfc payments, two top models for a top price.. sky and dudy, the difference in everything compared to zeblaza.. what are the Chinese cheap sunts.. (maybe up to two successful models of vibe 7 pro/ ares 3 for) the rest of the built-in Chinese waste


Listen, I'm looking for the cheapest watch that can be used to pay via Google pay. That would be their primary goal when I go for a run, I don't want to take a brick of my phone with me, and sometimes when I go to the store, it would be useful if I could pay with them. Xiaomi s3 are already expensive at most 50 euros, which is what I'm willing to pay for it. I now have DM 50 bought for 24 € they do have NFC, but you can't pay with them. It's a good watch for the price, but I really miss the payment...


Is it possible to pay with them via Google pay?




As cheap as possible with classic SIM and to be able to pay with them via NFC. It doesn't have to be Google pay, mbank also supports 8be services


I have the same, rather negative experience, I ordered, they arrived fine. After pairing, they worked fine, but they often disconnected from the phone and did not connect by themselves.
Then the problem started after bathing, when water probably got into them and only about 3 functions worked. Otherwise, the clock is nice, and the call through it was at a very decent level. The battery lasted about a week, so it's fine. If I had known that they were so poorly covered against water, I would not have gone into the water with them at all.