Zeblaze GTS 3 Pro is a brand new product at a TOP price for the first customers

The square Zeblaze GTS 3 Pro watch does not even cost 20 € and they have an AMOLED display, calling via Bluetooth and a battery life of 15 days

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beautiful tooth! I ordered right through you, and while the e-shop wrote expected shipping before October 19 or 18, it currently says Expected to ship before Oct 19 Estimated Delivery on Nov 3rd-12th, 2023  so in the orders, after the order itself, a red text "suddenly" popped up Estimated to ship before December 18, 2023!!! what does this mean??? so in the e-shop before the order there is completely different information and after the order this starts???? this looks like a trap and a bite from BGG! forsim You can find out from BGG what the real situation is with sending the watch, because if this is true, I will have to cancel the order immediately... we know he still needs the watch this month!


Hello, send us your order number and we will look into it. Alternatively, they can be ordered from AliExpress, there is a faster 15-day delivery from China.


order n. 112893734 , I did it on chrome in incognito.. prosim really try to find out what's wrong with it.. hey, otherwise, they are about 2-3 more on the alika, but no pre-sale anymore, but regular delivery within 2 weeks, official zeblaze shop, from where I've ordered in the past, so it's verified, I'd rather send 3- 4 more, but I have it here for sure until the end of the month..


We got the answer that "maybe they will send them this Friday".


well fah.. that's not the answer either.. maybe the kuzelnik will come too.. ok I'll wait until Friday if I don't send them the order rusim and I order on Alika immediately, they send the next day, often even on the day of the order.. quite a different approach.. BGG often farts on sending goods the further they go, the more they go to the bottom than the shop.. the shop goes slowly from 10 to 5 but surely the fate of gearbest awaits him with such an approach to customers.. geek and ali is a completely different universe already.. I feel that even DH Gate is better at it today..


so today they wrote to the email Thank you for your order 112893734. We are sorry to inform you that the item(s) in your order is(are) taking longer than expected to restock because of excessive demand.

We are putting pressure on the factory to produce urgently and will ship it(them) as soon as the goods arrive.

We apologize for this unexpected delay and would like to offer you two solutions, please select your preferred option by clicking on the following button: wait / refund ..but they didn't mention the approximate time or date anywhere
I don't know if I don't see itsim it doesn't look rosy.. it seems that they are unable to deliver the goods for a long time, they lured customers for a good price and now they are sending them in bulk.. beautiful..

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so I opened a chat on BGG support and this is what they wrote: I am sorry that the item in your order is still restocking, due to the fact that it is highly requested. We expect the new stock of this product to arrive around 2023-10-28.

This restocked time is for reference only because the specific time may be affected by some uncertain factors.

Here are the options available. Would you mind telling us which one you prefer?

1. Wait: Wait until the arrival date.

2. Exchange: Change the product to another one with the same or similar price which is in stock. (We advise you to choose the same category product for exchange. Please kindly note that we are not able to change the quantity of the product)
However, we are trying our best to ship your order as soon as possible. So please don't worry. so not for this issue, but they have already extended it for the next one.. I am thinking that if there is a problem with this model or similar obstructions, the extension of delivery dates and problems will not be on Alika.. if there is a problem with the stocking of this model in general..


so they didn't send it on Friday.. according to assumptions, it was a lie.. so we'll keep waiting.. :-/ maybe they'll come by Christmas..


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