Xiaomi 12S Ultra review: how did the collaboration with Leica work out?

[REVIEW] Xiaomi 12S Ultra is the new king of photography from the workshop of the Chinese giant, also thanks to Leica

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  1. Martin writes:

    I waited a long time for this phone and had high expectations. The Mi 11 Ultra was and is an excellent phone, especially thanks to the possibility of global system expansion. I've seen countless reviews and my opinion of the phone is mixed. Basically, it doesn't offer anything extra compared to 11, the camera is obviously not tuned and has its own ailments. The optical reader is said to be not very good by today's standards, the battery life is rather below average. The display has larger frames than the 11, so there is less use of the front panel. 11 Ultra, in my opinion, made the wow effect with everything, thanks to the giant sensors. Back then, no one even came close to them in terms of physical size. The rear display is also an interesting matter and still very fast power supply. The global version can be found in tradingshenzen in the top configuration of 12GB + 512GB for under 20 CZK. 12S Ultra in the Chinese version (which is a problem) with the same arrangement for almost 33 thousand. I'm looking for a new phone and I'm waiting for the Vivo X80 Pro+, otherwise I'll take the 11 Ultra for the great price, which is just as good as the 12S Ultra and will handle everything without problems with its hardware for the next 5 years.

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