Xanes SFL-01 LED bicycle light has up to 600 lm and an afterglow of 100 meters
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This LED bike light from Xanes costs only €11,56, has 600 lumens, is waterproof and has over 2500 reviews

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  1. eddy writes:

    6.10. I created an order for 2 pieces, 7.10. in the morning the package was sterilized and shipped out...it is 17.10. in the evening and the lamp only arrived yesterday afternoon at the local SKBTSA distribution center, SK....that is, a little longer transport than the days listed here on the website or Banggoode 🙂 hopefully they will arrive on Monday, let me also shine a strong light in the eyes of the drivers every morning afternoon 😀

    1. Frederik writes:

      Unfortunately, some packages take longer due to the current pandemic situation and especially cheaper packages with other transport than EU Priority Line. You just have to wait, and in case of a really long wait, write to customer support.

  2. eddy writes:

    I had EU Priority Line, only with this transport was it possible to check where the package was located.. and even then it took a fest longer, it doesn't matter, the lights ran out and I tried before my eyes how it lights up and I was blind for an hour😃.. incredibly beautiful and powerful lighting road.. I have 2 pcs,, and here the driver blinks if I don't care😃

  3. ivo writes:

    Hello. Don't we have a coupon for this light? The store writes 10e and when I buy, the price is 16e ..

    1. Frederik writes:

      We have updated the price.

  4. Chikic writes:

    The Bangoood coupon has expired.
    price € 17,20

  5. daad writes:

    I discourage the purchase, that is, very weak lamp, tragic wrench

    1. Frederik writes:

      It is light with price under 10 € when in discount, so what do you expect? It's not as strong as lights for €40-50...

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