Mold King is quality Chinese lego: Best value with our coupon
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Chinese Lego Mold King with Christmas discounts and coupons. Amazing building blocks with high quality not only for children

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  1. Matus writes:

    From personal experience, the products are of good quality and, as a lego technician, also compatible. What's the downside is that in the official google play store app for Android, you won't find what the manufacturer and all the sites mention. If you also see an APK from a website that you can download anything, beware, the application as such requires access to things that it should not, and therefore it was probably downloaded from the GP and the manufacturer has not updated it yet.
    What does this mean in practice? You can only control the car, which only has a status of 0-100, so there is no danger of any smooth driving and the motorcycle is always in full swing, this is a fundamental difference compared to the original leg.
    Furthermore, the marketing pictures show that the parts have a problem, whether the lights are falling out, or the plastic joints are broken by the way the powerful engine twists it, it is straightforward in the marketing photo of the product, but you know what to look for if you have it at home and already it broke the first time it hit a wall or heavier. But even for that, the solution is to order the joints metal and everything is ok.

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