VIOLEWORKS 88VF is a small cordless chain saw in one hand
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One of the best prices ever: The Violeworks 88VF is a 4-inch cordless chainsaw, we tested it and it does it all

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  1. Luboš Kobes writes:

    After several cuts, the connection between the sprocket and the chain drive shaft was distinguished, it is only pressed with an overlap. "Fixed" with a welder and lathe, otherwise it's a throw-in. One of the batteries left after a few uses, after charging one cell at zero, the remaining overcharged to about 5.5V, dangerous. Articles are not balanced! Bought still with batteries incompatible with Makita, a problem to get a replacement. It must be cut very lightly, otherwise the undervoltage protection will disconnect the battery. The saw is very handy, but…

  2. B. Štěpánek writes:

    Wasted money, after 15 min. operation, the saw has stopped and the battery cannot be recharged. It doesn't matter if I'm recharging for an hour or five. It's a shop.

  3. Petr Prokeš writes:

    I also ran. With the Nakita saw, I cut twigs about the size of a finger and after 7 cuts the engine started smoking and the cutting was over, and it cost 1790 CZK. I sent the saw for a complaint, they wrote that it was overloaded and they didn't acknowledge it, that's what a friend of the Ogroup department said, so I'll take it to court, this is how to rob people. I will never buy anything at a discount again. The defect was in the product.

  4. Ivo writes:

    Hello. I will also join.. the saw is sikovna, but both batteries are dead after half a year.. maybe charged 5 times. Don't know where to find a spare battery? Makita is expensive..

  5. giorgio writes:

    credevo durassero quanto declarato 15-25 minuti dopo tagli di ramoscelli 3 cm lavorato 10 minuti compreso pause inoltre una batteria arrivata guasta sto litigando per sostituzione batterie vi faro' sapere come va a finire

  6. torsion writes:

    Obszerny opis and zero information on battery voltage value. In all available descriptions of the battery, the voltage of the battery is covered by a secret, and nothing appears in the descriptions placed on the battery, except that it is the basic parameter of EVERY BATTERY. Probably the authors of various smart descriptions have no knowledge about it. VF – volt farad nawet elektrykowi niewiele powie a przeliczanie nie jest prosto !!!

  7. Józsi writes:

    Lehet-e rezervák accumulatur rendelni eżyz a sałwhez?
    I need linen + 2 db. accumulator.

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